The phrase “your one wild and precious life” comes from Mary Oliver’s poem "Summer Day,” and is known by many. The wildness that Oliver refers to is your innate nature — who you were born into the world as and the way of being that is natural to you.

This wild nature is also the stirring of goddess energies within you. This module will help you start to discover your goddess energies within. It will also guide you in discovering the effects the outer world has had on these energies’ ability to be activated as the life-fulfilling juice they can be, including explorations of the influence patriarchy, culture, your upbringing, and the Women’s Movement.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Remember the child you were and what parts of you from childhood were suppressed inside you and by whom
  • Explore what was valued by which parent when you were growing up and how this affected your innate nature
  • Discover how you may have been shamed and, thus, learned to shame yourself in the same ways
  • Begin to feel compassion and appreciation for what you have survived, done and loved
  • Experience a short guided meditation-visualization and reflection to invite in your inner child
  • Explore song and myth as a source of inspiration for honoring your inner child
  • Learn the meaning of The Myth of the Procrustean Bed and how it applies to you