Modulo 4 ATHENA

Athena was born out of her father Zeus’ head as a grown woman wearing golden armor. She announced her arrival with a war cry and the earth shook when her feet hit the ground. She became the only Olympian that Zeus trusted with his symbols of power. She is the archetype of the Father’s Daughter, the defender of Patriarchy, and the ally of heroes.

Her realm was the city; Athens bears her name. She was the Patron Goddess of Weavers and an expert strategist on the battlefield. Both require similar skills, seeing the big picture and devising strategies to create the desired outcome. Athena Women thrive in the corporate and political worlds.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The meaning of Athena’s symbols: her armor, spear, and the owl
  • How Athena’s qualities can be in the service of patriarchal values, including power, domination and control or applied to solving problems or finding creative practical solutions
  • How the archetype of Athena brings into focus the conflict between two major Jungian concepts: typology and the anima-animus theory
  • How logic and competitiveness can cut Athena Women off from friendships with women, yet helps them to work well with men
  • Modern-day examples of Athena Women, including Condoleezza Rice; Phyllis Schlafly, who stopped the ratification of ERA; Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany: and Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films
  • The shadow aspects of Athena, as revealed in the Medusa effect and the death of Hector and fate of Arachne in Greek mythology
  • Ways to grow by remembering Metis (Athena’s mother), taking off your armor, and revisiting the value of feminist insights