Modulo 5 HESTIA

Hestia is the third Virgin Goddess and least known of the Greek goddesses. She is notably absent from myths and not represented in statues or paintings. Instead, she was the fire at the center of the round hearth, which can also be represented by the mandala — Jung’s image for the Self. It was her presence that made a house a home and a building a temple. Hestia was a spiritually-felt presence that provided illumination, warmth, and heat to cook food.

A Hestia Woman is detached from the outer world that engages most people. She is not invested in being known, or desired, or ambitious. She creates a center of serenity around her. It suits her to be a homemaker or to follow a calling into a contemplative order of nuns or as a member of an ashram or collective community. The problem for a contemporary Hestia is her invisibility. In an extroverted culture, the roles that suit her are not aptly valued in our culture.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to value Hestia if she is your dominant archetype
  • The need to develop a persona for the outer world
  • The importance of staying true to Hestia as well as Poseidon and Apollo’s off-centering effects on this archetype
  • The value of cultivating Hestia as the center of peace and quiet within yourself
  • How to cultivate her energies through a Hestia meditation
  • Gain an overview of Hestia, Artemis and Athena as the Virgin Goddess Archetypes, discovering the gifts and effects of their energies on yourself and others, whether outer or inward.