Modulo 7 DEMETER

Demeter is the goddess of bountiful harvests — Goddess of Grain, the source of basic nourishment in bread and cereals (Ceres is her Roman name). She was portrayed as a beautiful, mature woman with golden hair and dressed in blue. She is the most maternal of the Olympians and best known as the mother of Persephone.

Demeter represents the maternal archetype and its strong instincts. Demeter Women are fulfilled through mothering and/or providing physical, psychological or spiritual nourishment to others.

During this module, Jean will tell the story of Demeter and the abduction of Persephone, interpreting and expanding its meaning and relevance to your modern day life.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The generosity, nurturing qualities and perseverance of this archetype
  • How Demeter and her archetype suffer from powerlessness under patriarchal dominance
  • The Demeter Woman’s major responses to loss: agitation, apathy and depression
  • How this archetype has difficulties setting boundaries when others are needy, resulting in susceptibility to burnout and depression
  • Demeter’s Shadow qualities: being a "helicopter-parent" and fostering dependency
  • How the need to be mother for meaning is affected by “empty-nest” syndrome
  • The effects the Women’s Movement has had on Demeter Women
  • Ways a Demeter Woman can grow through becoming aware and empowered and her own good mother.