Persephone was the nameless maiden and privileged daughter of Zeus and Demeter before her abduction by Hades plunged her into the Underworld. Hermes was sent to bring her back to Demeter, but before she returned to the Upper World, Persephone swallowed pomegranate seeds given to her by Hades. As a result of digesting or metabolizing the Underworld experience, she became Queen of the Underworld and a guide for others. She also would then spend part of the year in the Underworld, emerging each spring.

Persephone starts as the least defined of the goddess archetypes, the one most affected by others’ stronger personalities and most susceptible to becoming a victim, with potential for staying a victim or redeeming her suffering by becoming a guide for others.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn about Young Persephone, Abducted Persephone and Queen of the Underworld Persephone
  • Learn the meaning of the Underworld as a metaphor for addictions, depression or delusion, including its underlying energy in trafficked girls and women
  • Explore how today’s “Underworld Guide” shows up as an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, depth psychologist, etc., or through the creation of art, poetry or music
  • Explore Persephone archetypes in modern-day women and personas, including English singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse, actress/singer/songwriter Lindsay Lohan; the Laura character in the play and movie The Glass Menagerie
  • Learn about the symbology of the pomegranate
  • Learn about the archetypes of Demeter, Hades, Hermes and Hecate and their relation to Persephone
  • Discover how the message of Easter and the Eleusinian Mysteries are very similar